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Hello, Anonymous

On this site you can create an observer for the ice bitcoin storage addresses.
Get actually balances in BTC and USD based on 24-h weighted bitcoin price.

You can see our functional in public account:

Or you can   and try it right now.

Really, this is simple analog of address balance browser, but for many addresses in one permanent link. And we don't like and don't use any email activation or verification, or other bullshit stuff.

Will happy to get your feedbacks and any nice ideas

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what we plan todo:
  • add what_is_bitcoin page
  • add how_create_ice_paper_address
  • add timstamp last change for address
  • add observers count for address
  • add text_notes for addreses
  • add btc balance change email notifications
  • add usd balance 10% change email notif
  • add other CC: ltc, eth, etc, ripple, monero, others
  • add view balance in national fiat currencies
  • add national language versions